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Audition day Sat 8 September 2018 from 10:00 @ Eventcity.

Audition Rules


  1. Vocal solo
  2. Vocal group
  3. Vocal & Band
  4. Instrumental solo
  5. Instrumental Band
  6. Stand-up comedy
  7. Magic& related performance


  1. POP
  2. ROCK & ROLL

A panel of four judges will evaluate each performance.

A decision will be made immediately after or during the performance whilst the participant is still on stage.

  1. Entries only for 18 and over.
  2. NO KARIOKE!!!!!
  3. Entries are free.
  4. Entries only for stipulated categories and genres.
  5. Any Participant may enter in more than one genre or category.
  6. Entry forms are be available for download on www
  7. Entries must be done via entry form and submitted by mail to the following email address: (complete form and scan and mail please) or per hand at SHOCKWAVE MUSIC STORE (att: Gerard)
  8. Rules and entry forms can be downloaded from:
  9. Each participant will be granted a max of 10 minutes preparation and a max of 4 minutes to perform his act.
  10. Backtracks may be used.
  11. The auditions will be open for the public.
  12. Basic sound equipment (Amps and mixers) and sound engineer will be supplied.
  13. Bands that enter will discuss their setup time and time slot with the judges before the auditions will commence.
  14. The artist himself must supply any other equipment that is required for the audition.
  15. The judges will evaluate on the following basis:
    • Commercial value – i.e. would your act/song be suitable at corporate, private, public events etc.
    • Technical –  how good is your voice control/ instrument control/ use of mic and props etc.
    • Interaction with audience/judges
    • Use of sound equipment, mic, instruments etc.
    • It is recommended that any music (voice& instrumental) auditions be done with a well-known cover song. A self-composed song might be to your disadvantage as it might be difficult to evaluate. (Remember it is not a talent/ art competition)
  16. Should the judges be uncertain about a participants performance they may request a second performance on the spot.
  17. Should the Judges have a split decision or cannot decide on a winner in a category a play-off will be arranged to determine the winner for that category. In such a case, the participants will be required to do a different song/performance.
  18. Prizes will be awarded on the judges sole discretion
  19. Judges decisions will be final.


  5. CASH PRIZE (R5000)

(Prizes will be awarded on the judge’s sole discretion)

ORGANISER : Ben van der Merwe

Download the Official entry here, complete and send via email to

HospitalityWorkers News

Hospitality Sector Minimum Wages 2018/19

From the 1st of July 2018, the minimum wages for the Hospitality Sector will be increased as follows:

As a sector employing vulnerable workers [The Department of Labour] the regulation of working conditions in this sector enjoys special attention from the Department of Labour.

Another important consideration here is that due to the nature of work in this sector, employees are often paid low “Basic” wages with the addition of commission.  Read more “Hospitality Sector Minimum Wages 2018/19”

Minimum-Wage News

The Minimum Wage Bill and Amendments to Labour Legislation,…

Following recent news that the National Assembly has passed the long awaited Minimum Wage Bill as well as the proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, it is important to take note of what these amendments actually mean to you, the Employer:

While it was widely announced that these amendments would come into effect on the 1st of May 2018 after they were initially published for public comment in late 2017, there have been major debates surrounding the specifics of these changes which necessitated a delay.

With the new president getting involved and negotiating strongly for the finalization of these amendments, a major milestone has been reached as the Bills are now passed on for a final round of stakeholder comments before they are passed to the National Council of Provinces. Once this has happened and been finalized, all that would remain is for these proposed amendments to be promulgated into law. Read more “The Minimum Wage Bill and Amendments to Labour Legislation, What you should Know?”

Retail-Store News

Minimum Wages for the Wholesale and Retail Sector –…

From the 1st of February 2018, the minimum wages for the Wholesale and Retail sector will be increased. This annual increase is valid for twelve (12) months until the 28th of February 2019 in stark contrast to the increases tabled for the Domestic Workers and Contract Cleaning Sectors earlier this year. It stands to be seen how this extended period of validity will play into the proposed Minimum Wage Bill (Read Our Article Here).

This Sectoral Determination covers employees who work in merchandising and/or distribution operations, however certain geographic areas and businesses are covered by bargaining council agreements so it is important to familiarize yourself with these in your area. Read more “Minimum Wages for the Wholesale and Retail Sector – 2018”

Forestry-Worker News

Minimum Wages for the Farm Workers and Forestry Sectors

From the 1st of March 2018, the minimum wages for Farm Workers and people employed in the Forestry Sector will be increased, this annual increase is valid for twelve (12) months until the 28th of February 2019 in stark contrast to the increases tabled for the Domestic Workers and Contract Cleaning Sectors earlier this year. It stands to be seen how this extended period of validity will play into the proposed Minimum Wage Bill (Read Our Article Here).

Hourly Rate from 1st of March 2018: R 16.25

Read more “Minimum Wages for the Farm Workers and Forestry Sectors”

Contract-Cleaning News

Contract Cleaning Sector Minimum Wages 2018

From the 1st of January 2018, the minimum wages for workers in the Contract Cleaning Sector will be increased, this increase is only valid until the 30th of November 2018, likely in order to allow the Minimum Wage Act to replace the wage table. Additionally it must be noted that Area B will receive two increases, one on the 1st of January and the second on the 28th of February 2018 in order to comply with collective agreements applicable to that region.

Given the current proliferation of trade unions within the Contract Cleaning Sector it is also likely that individual business may be required, by virtue of collective agreements of their clients being extended, to pay higher minimum wages than those listed in the Sectoral Determination 1.

Read more “Contract Cleaning Sector Minimum Wages 2018”

Court News

HR City opposes Labour Legislation Law Amendments

Again HR City has elected to voice our concern over proposed amendments to labour legislation, including the implementation of the proposed Minimum Wage Bill (Read our Article Here).

Similarly to our actions in 2012 when HR City sought to intervene in what it viewed as dangerous and unfair changes to labour legislation (Read our Article Here) government has again sought to further restrict the rights of employers, even during an economic downturn which, in no small part is due to excessive over-regulation of the labour market.  Read more “HR City opposes Labour Legislation Law Amendments”

CoalStrike News

Strike Looming in the Coal Sector

Over the past few months employers and employees in the coal sector have been negotiating wage increases in the Coal Sector. Employees, represented by the NUM, Solidarity, UASA and NUMSA have reached a deadlock with the represented employers, Exxaro Coal, Anglo American Coal, Glencore, Koornfontein, Kangra, Delmas Coal and Msobo Coal which may well result in a strike occurring across the entire sector.

Says Mr Peter Bailey, NUM Chief Negotiator in the Coal Sector in a press statement: “The Chamber of Mines members are pleading poverty when it comes to black workers yet white managers and executives have the luxury of being overcompensated.” Read more “Strike Looming in the Coal Sector”

Minimum-Wage News

National Minimum Wage Legislation gets a nod from Cabinet

Cabinet has approved the draft legislation to implement a National Minimum Wage for South Africa. At present the new proposed National Minimum Wage is set at R 20.00 per hour, which translates to approximately R 3 900.00 per month. For a comparison, the current Minimum Wage for a Domestic Worker is around R 12.42 per hour or R 2 421.90 per month.

While it is unclear what the exemptions would be, working on the assumption that all Sectoral Minimum Wages will have to be increased, this legislation holds the potential to increase unemployment even more. Currently South Africa has an unemployment rate of 27.7% for the third quarter of 2017 and in what is likely to be a repeat of the Farm Workers Minimum Wage which saw a 0.8% increase in unemployment when it was implemented in 2013 over a period which historically shows a decrease in unemployment. Read more “National Minimum Wage Legislation gets a nod from Cabinet”