Staff Sourcing

Through our Labour Solutions department, the most frequent extra request was to source or recruit personnel. The need to recruit personnel also increased through our Staffing Solutions Division. Following research and training, the Staff Sourcing division was established and with more affordable and competitive rates, quickly became a big role player in the local as well as national placement market.


The Staff Sourcing division has the benefit of a complete HR specialist internal structure and can therefore offer better and more innovative service packages to our clients. We believe in cost effectiveness, and will screen all applicants according to your specifications and only present you with a quality short list. This not only saves you time and money, but also gives you, the client, the opportunity to choose candidates according to your company’s internal requirements ie. working conditions, environment and climate. We offer various packages designed to limit your liabilities and risks during the initial employment period.

Options / Services

With our fully trained Staff Sourcing specialists, we offer you a one-stop shop for the placement of personnel, from a gardener right through blue-collar positions up to and including management-level employees. Our specialists are trained in evaluating the needs of your company to ensure that the correct candidates are placed with our clients. All applicants are interviewed and referenced. We will visit your company to ensure that all requirements are met. We will advertise on your behalf and provide you with a shortlist comprised only of suitable candidates. We have a well established client base with a pool of skilled and qualified applicants in all fields.


  • Permanent placement
  • Specialised recruitment
  • Placement guarantee’s (where applicable)
  • Temporary placements
  • Probation period placements