Training Solutions

It is a proven fact that if employers invest in the training of personnel that the company ultimately is the greatest benefactor of such training. We provide various workshops and training courses in soft skills as well as labour law fields i.e.

  • Motivational training
  • Customer service
  • Time and assertiveness training
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Winning in the CCMA
  • Dealing with dishonesty in the workplace
  • Conflict management etc
  • Performance Booster

We present courses on a weekly basis and these are offered at excellent rates to our clients and the general business paternity. All courses are outcome-based and delegates are tested to ensure that they have gained knowledge through attendance. Delegates receive certificates after assessment of the tests, certifying their competency in the subject. Courses are presented in an interesting manner and role-plays etc. form part of these courses. Various qualified facilitators present all of HR City’s courses.


It is reported by employers that trained staff have a positive impact on productivity, product/service quality and customer satisfaction. Commitment to training and education can create good employees, retain old ones, help them to provide a better service, boost morale and yes, increase sales. Properly trained staff lead to business success. Training creates good employees. By creating a training process which covers all bases, you create informed employees, which, in return, allow you to concentrate less on problems and more on areas of your business you enjoy. Regardless of the size or type of an industry or business, training can have a measurable impact on performance. Research shows that productivity increases while training takes place. Staff who receive formal training can be 230% more productive than untrained colleagues who are working in the same role. High labour productivity increases business output and can open a greater share of the market or expand it by improving products, services and reputations. Successful training is focused on supporting your business objectives.

We offer

  • Outcome-based training in-house or at our own venues
  • Training during working hours or at any time that suits your needs
  • We develop tailor-made packages
  • We concentrate on soft skills which leads to improved people skills as well as discipline in the workplace.