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HospitalityWorkers News

Hospitality Sector Minimum Wages 2018/19

From the 1st of July 2018, the minimum wages for the Hospitality Sector will be increased as follows:

As a sector employing vulnerable workers [The Department of Labour] the regulation of working conditions in this sector enjoys special attention from the Department of Labour.

Another important consideration here is that due to the nature of work in this sector, employees are often paid low “Basic” wages with the addition of commission.  Read more “Hospitality Sector Minimum Wages 2018/19”

Forestry-Worker News

Minimum Wages for the Farm Workers and Forestry Sectors

From the 1st of March 2018, the minimum wages for Farm Workers and people employed in the Forestry Sector will be increased, this annual increase is valid for twelve (12) months until the 28th of February 2019 in stark contrast to the increases tabled for the Domestic Workers and Contract Cleaning Sectors earlier this year. It stands to be seen how this extended period of validity will play into the proposed Minimum Wage Bill (Read Our Article Here).

Hourly Rate from 1st of March 2018: R 16.25

Read more “Minimum Wages for the Farm Workers and Forestry Sectors”

CoalStrike News

Strike Looming in the Coal Sector

Over the past few months employers and employees in the coal sector have been negotiating wage increases in the Coal Sector. Employees, represented by the NUM, Solidarity, UASA and NUMSA have reached a deadlock with the represented employers, Exxaro Coal, Anglo American Coal, Glencore, Koornfontein, Kangra, Delmas Coal and Msobo Coal which may well result in a strike occurring across the entire sector.

Says Mr Peter Bailey, NUM Chief Negotiator in the Coal Sector in a press statement: “The Chamber of Mines members are pleading poverty when it comes to black workers yet white managers and executives have the luxury of being overcompensated.” Read more “Strike Looming in the Coal Sector”